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Brant Gibson @CNBPscience has just won the card draw #SmB2016! An evening with Dr Lisa Randall talking about the mysteries of the universe.
I agree! Very inspiring @JBatstone #SmB2016…
@JBatstone your keynote was fantastic - thanks for joining us today.
Post photo Very happy to be the Media Sponsor of #SmB2016. See you next year!! :raised_hands:
Summing up the day @DrEmmaLJohnston says science has met business, business has met science and gov has come along to support us #SmB2016
You can't have science push has to be customer pull? #SmB2016 BUT science push can make you re-think what problems exist or can be solved!
We are having a great time at #SmB2016 thanks to .@ScienceAU Our coverage will on on Wednesday
Paul Bassat: build a business that solves a real problem, there is a market of at least one for that problem #SmB2016
Thanks @ScienceAU for a great forum on science meets business! Awesome.Would love to have a panel with young researchers next yr #SmB2016
Core repeating issue - we need to pay our teachers more, cash and respect! #SmB2016
Want to meet the innovators of tomorrow? Check out online careers hub #STEMplusX. Inspiring next gen. #SmB2016
What a fantastic day! Thanks to our #SMB2016 sponsors who made it possible, inc. @CSIROnews @Science_Academy @tandfnewsroom @NCInews
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MTPConnect announces $7.4m funding for 14 national MTP projects…
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#SmB2016 when the best brains in science & business come together. Don't stop the conversation. Follow @scimeetsbiz.
Science communication highlighted at #SmB2016 but are we at a time when society rejects advance? Let's hope not
Thank you! Great pics today @Aus_ScienceWeek #SmB2016…
Well done and thanks @ScienceAU for another great event. #SmB2016 #STEM
#SmB2016 when the best brains in science & business come together. Don't stop the conversation. Follow @scimeetsbiz.
Well done and thanks @ScienceAU for another great event. #SmB2016 #STEM
Post photo "I actually work with more lawyers now and they're really great people." Dr Bronwyn Evans #SmB2016
#SmB2016 Advice for PhD's -How to turn your research career into a launch pad to alternative worlds of employment…
Bronwyn Evans brings up another conversation science needs to have with business: changing ethics of new technologies #smb2016
A fabulous forum for science, innovation& business #InnovationBoom #SmB2016 tnx so much for invite @SETAC_AU & STA
Roy Green: we are preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist. Problem solving is crucial! #SmB2016
Peter Schutz: Prof @alanalda (of M*A*S*H) teaches #scicomm by having primary students hear and mark talks by scientists. Great idea #SmB2016
@ProfJudithSmith @jackie_randles I was hoping it would be chocolate cake #SmB2016
Agree with @JenniferConley7 #SmB2016 'Scientists should present to primary schools' to communicate better @WomenSciAUST @EMCRForum
Great suggestion! We are fans of Twitter too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: #SmB2016…
@ScienceAU we could add Twitter details of speakers (if available) to the program to further increase interaction #SmB2016
Do you want to be part of the next big thing? We're recruiting volunteers to study #gutmicrobiota… #SmB2016
Post photo #SmB2016 Paul Willis raises the question of food security and the need for sustainable 'non growth' models
We already produce more food than the world needs but we don't distribute it. We need innovation in food distribution. Peter Schutz #SmB2016
@douglaswr @AldaCenter @ANU_CPAS well I hear they are bloody excellent #SmB2016
Peter Schulz #SmB2016 researchers need 2 know customer needs. @gemaker My tech is so good, it will sell itself…
@Fossilcrox - Conversations needs to happen between industry and science around moving to a world coping with #climatechange #SmB2016
Our live Twitter wall is still going strong - read through all the tweets from #SMB2016!…
Great plug for the work of Alan Alda and @AldaCenter at #SmB2016 @ANU_CPAS working on science communication
Doron Ben-Meir: find out who cares about your research question, build collaboration in parallel with research to secure industry $ #SmB2016
@FZMarques #SmB2016, getting confused with hashtag
Post photo Schultz The next big thing is fruit and veggies #SmB2016 you heard it here
Post photo Mike Manefield in bioremediation now at #AusBio16 #BioFest16 #SmB2016
Peter Schutz #FIAL reminds us of the encroaching burden of disease coming from China for e.g. #SmB2016
Natalie Chapman: we need to prepare PhD students for non-academic careers too, not even necessarily bench work #entrepreneur #SmB2016
@ScienceAU we could add Twitter details of speakers (if available) to the program to further increase interaction #SmB2016
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Shout out to our #SmB2016 gold sponsors @DefenceScience and @LockheedMartin Thanks for understanding science is golden!
what we see sitting there as Peter Schutz is about 1.x% of the actual cells there! #SmB2016 2/2
Peter Schutz is making a lot of sense #SmB2016
Interesting stats from Peter Schutz, Chair, Food Innovation Australia, Growth Centre #SmB2016 1/2
"Nutrition before Medication" is our next wave of innovation to prevent disease: Peter Schultz, chair Food Innovati……
And the bacteria in our body #gutmicrobiota #SmB2016…
Over-refinemed food has created lifestyle diseases. We need better nutrition before more medication. The future is fruit and veg #Smb2016
Post photo #industrygrowthcentres help present opportunities for Aust's future #smb2016 @METSIgnited @ElizLewisGray
#SmB2016 Feedback from today: more opportunity for PhD students to engage with business and learn how to communicate ideas to industry 2/2